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Below are some frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers. If you have a question you would like to ask there is a submission box at the bottom of the page.


What is the standard uniform to wear on duty for ESP?

Black smart trousers (not cargo’s or jeans), black smart polished shoes, a white ESP branded shirt and a black ESP branded clip on tie. If you wish to wear a black jacket that is fine but it must be smart, unbranded and black. 


Is it ok to eat food on shift?

The simple answer to this is no. Not only does it look unprofessional it also puts the venue and your work colleagues at risk as you will not be 100% focused on your job and able to respond as quickly as normal.


What do I do if I am going to arrive late on shift?

If you are going to be late then you should immediately contact Tom Robinson on 01743 816 927. You should also contact whoever you are supposed to be working with, as lateness is a serious licensing and safety issue, that everyone should try and avoid at all costs.


Can I sit down on duty if I am tired?

The answer to this is actually quite obvious. No, of course it is not. Firstly it looks unprofessional and secondly should any incident occur it means that you are not able to respond as quickly as you should. You should always be alert and ready to respond, not leaning on counters, sitting down or propping yourself up against a door.


What do I do if I am asked to do something that I don’t agree with or could potentially risk my badge?

If you are being asked to do something that could jeapordise your badge you should immediately contact Tom Robinson on 01743 816 927. If it just something you would prefer not to do or part of your job role then the simplest way is to do what is reasonable, then take it up with Tom at the earliest convenience. Ultimately though we are there to support our clients, and this does mean do all reasonable steps to assist our clients and their customers in the customer services role. A bit of common sense is called for here. If it just a case of picking up a few glasses that could ultimately be used as weapons then that is understandable. If they are asking you to jump in the kitchen and help the chef then that obviously isn’t part of our role in keeping the venue secure.


What can I do if someone is filming me whilst I am dealing with an incident?

In an ideal world this wouldn’t happen, but in todays world of smart phones, and instant streaming you could very easily find yourself in this situation. In most cases you will already be covered by CCTV anyway, and whatever the case it should not effect how you do your job. If you are doing your job right it should not bother you. You can ask them not to film you, but in reality once they have started they are unlikely to stop. Do not under any circumstances grab their phone. Just do your job correctly and let them get on with it.


Is it acceptable to not turn up to a shift that I had agreed to?

Quite obviously the answer to this is no. Missing shifts is never acceptable. It is unfair on your colleagues and our clients. We are legally contracted to supply a set number of staff, and as part of those contractual and licensing obligations, we require the hours you have agreed to do to be covered by you, even if your goldfish has just sadly expired. If your head has just dropped off then you must contact Tom immediately to let him know you may be unable to work, but this should be an absolute last resort.

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