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Meet the team here at ESP

Tom, 30, founded ESP in 2009 with a firm aim to stamp out the bully boy tactics that many security companies adhere to, even in this modern day.

Originally from an agricultural contracting background, Tom has never been shy to work relentlessly until the job is completed to the best standards achievable.  

With vast experience in the industry ranging from international close protection operations and well known TV shows, to village hall parties and the doors on your local pub, Tom has a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share with employees and clients alike.

Tom knows that recently there has been improvement in the security sector, however there is far more that needs to be addressed and achieved to ensure a safe, traceable and transparent industry locally and nationally.

Tom prides himself on advising and guiding his team to set new standards and pushing those standards set in the industry higher and higher.

As part of Tom’s customer service focused approach, he routinely visits each venue ESP services ensuring those standards he sets are not only being met, but exceeded with great pride and enthusiasm

Matt joined ESP in 2016.  At 45, with a wide background, including graphic design and conflict management, coupled with life long experience of nightclubs and bars working as a DJ and as part of the management team.

Consequently he views the service we provide from both sides, with a clear understanding of the high standards our clients and customers have the right to expect.

If you are coming for an interview it will be Matt you see. Looking after HR, recruitment and staff development, Matt is also is responsible for all aspects of marketing and business development.

Currently he is overseeing the ACS accreditation, and implementing all the systems and standards that need to be in place for that to be successful.

Alongside that he also works front line security every weekend and is also passionate about photography. Having been a professional photographer for 10 years, he still picks up his camera as and when his busy schedule allows.

As far as security goes,  he is absolutely dedicated about providing a quality service, everytime. He relishes in taking on challenging doors and using his people skills and conflict management abilities to positive effect.  

Rebecca is the dysfunctional sausage sorter.  Technically she is actually completely barmy, with a very people orientated past in a number of different roles. Although relatively new to the security industry she sucessfully runs her own door team alongside her office role.

At 28, she is a proud mum and possesses exceptional people skills and a relaxed, calming nature. Rebecca is exactly the type of person that ESP and the SIA want to be attracting to the industry.  

She has a huge future ahead of her in the security sector.

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Tom Robinson

Managing Director

07973 507 057

Always on hand to keep you safe

"Everyone starts somewhere, it’s the transitions, changes and decisions we make that shape us for the future. We cannot change or dwell on our past, however we can learn from and shape our future upon what we have learnt from it"

Matt Poole

HR & Business Development

07506 376 788

"I joined the security sector with a very definate aim of making a positive difference within the industry. I see the role as very customer service focused, diffusing potential conflict and allowing people to enjoy themselves in a safe environment"

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